Nanaimo Curling Club quote: "Sturling"                                                                  It’s like Lays Potato Chips – once you start you can’t quit!
"I have been going out to quite a few schools with our curling Rox program and at one of the stations I
implemented stick curling. The reason for this was that we had a girl with cerebral palsy in a wheel chair and
wanted to show that even people in wheel chairs could curl. She had so much fun. And some of the teachers
had quit curling due to injuries etc and they tried the stick as well. I also told them about sturling and how it is
set up. They were very receptive and most had never heard of it before so I sent them to the web site. I will do
what I can to promote this sport."…Shannon

  1. Host your Sturling league in the day time as seniors do not like to come out at night
  2. Host a morning league in which players play two games back to back; 10:00 am and 11:00 am.
  3. Host an afternoon league in which players play two games back to back; 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm
  4. This way players have choices and you will have spares to call upon if needed; as they plan to be there that day
  5. Plan to host a second day when you are full; preferably two days apart (Mon. & Wed. /or Tue. & Thu.) providing players with a possible chance to change partners and gain more experience.
  6. Plan too host a fall league and a spring league as players change; some fly south
  7. Initiate a spares list; as this will encourage more members to join
  8. Important that players play two games each day; as one is not enough to get better (they will now deliver 36 rocks in this 2 hour time frame)
  9. Keep it two six end games as each game is done with in the one hour time allotted and aligns with bonspiel play times
  10. Grow and promote your league by hosting several 1-day spiels each year as numerous clubs do.
  11. Advantages:
        * need only two players to form a team
        * takes less than an hour to play a game
        * limited sweeping; relies more on shot making
        * use traditional slide delivery /or throw with the stick
        * great way to improve upon your delivery and reading the ice
        * easily fits Covid-19 guidelines
        * Rules at www.sturling.net
Any day on the ice is better than being under it;  LOL
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"Our sturling spiel was a resounding success. We had all ages from 9 to 80. Everyone had a great time."

"We have had several tournaments with both stick and regular curlers competing against each other. These
have been a lot of fun and those who have played can't wait for the next event."…Lynn
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"Excluding sliders seems rude to me."…Harvey
Thanks for your comments - here are a few of them:
"Sturling: great concept, keep up the good work."…Marco.

"I enjoyed the informative telephone conversation, and the e-mails that you sent out. I now realize that we
wouldn't be able to do too much with just stick curlers, but that any combination of two person teams, would
work. This has great potential, and I hope it takes off in our area."…Bill
"Sturling...stick AND slide. The majority felt that there was really no advantage to either, just a level of skill that
has to be achieved no matter which way you deliver a rock."...Diane
  "Thanks to you it was a resounding success! Had entries from 3 other clubs and at least a third were sliders. Great mix of abilities and gender. The progressive format worked well and all games were on schedule. Everyone loved the one day spiel concept."...Don (Peace Arch Curling Club, BC)
"The more exclusive the club, the fewer members you will have. It is my understanding that what we do is
sturling and that means stick, slide, wheelchair. I think we have to provide the different opportunities to
Tips on How to Host a Sturling League
Did you know (on Oct. 24, 2022) the Town of Pincher Creek proclaimed
itself the Sturling curling capital per capita of Alberta.
"About 10 days ago one of our nearly 90 year old curlers came to me and said that he is not able to play the
regular curling game anymore as it is just too much for him. But he said that only curling Sturling on
Tuesday was not enough so would it be possible to also play on Thursday which is our other regular curling
day. I said sure. I put up a sheet so curlers could put their name down for Sturling on Thursday and within a
week we had 24 names that wanted to curl on Thursday. We will now have 12 teams on Tuesday and 12
Teams on Thursday."...Doris
"As with most clubs, we need to get people into the building and Sturling was the ideal way to do it. The
information in the Sturling website was excellent and helped a lot."…Dave